A Bleak Future For Our Wildlife.

Badgers and bovine TB:

A scientific investigation started in 1997 took ten years and cost £50,000,000 and the lives of tens of thousands of badgers! The conclusion was that killing badgers would result in no significant reduction of Bovine T.B. and would probably only result in spreading the disease. This evidence has been cast aside and a programme entailing the night shooting of free running badgers is in place and due to start this month. This throws up many important questions and I believe puts all our wildlife and countryside in danger.  I fail to see how we can possibly protect any of our wildlife in the future if the government is allowed to go ahead with this slaughter. After suffering at the hands of man throughout history, Badgers were given especially strong legal protection, but now we see these measures to be as weak as ditchwater in the face of government sponsored propaganda. If they can ride roughshod over extensive scientific investigation and expensive trials, dismiss public opinion and expert advice and create a precedent, then we are open to losing what’s left of this green and pleasant land and all associated wildlife. The many years of hard work and dedication of so many committed people is in danger of being brushed aside and destroyed in short time. To see this happening to one of Britain’s most iconic mammals, so special it is the Wildlife trusts splendid logo, shows they can strike at the very heart of conservation bodies at will. We have everything to lose by ignoring or caving in to this attack.

Below are links to two new short videos featuring eminent people in their field. Please take a look and invite others to do the same if feel you are able to.



And at this eleventh hour the important petition to sign seems to be this Government e-petition:


Please consider signing it.

I’m not asking anybody to give money

or join the Humane Society  http://www.hsi.org/world/united_kingdom/hsi_uk.html

or the Badger Trust http://www.badger.org.uk/content/home.asp

but they have a lot of relevant information of their websites.

If this ‘cull’ goes ahead, it spells the end of protection through popular support, interest, scientific evidence and education; it means we abandon reasoned policies for the countryside and our wildlife and we return to the ignorance of the dark ages with witchunts and scapegoats.

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