New Opening

A new gate needed, an opportunity opens!

'Seen better days'

‘Seen better days’


Ideas are committed to paper.

 'Back of a fag packet' concept.

‘Back of a fag packet’ concept.

'Beyond repair'

‘Beyond repair’

The important dimensions and functionality decided upon.

Construtive working drawing

Constructive working drawing

Meanwhile back at the workshop!

Raw materials

Raw materials

Sneak preview

At the workshop: Sneak Preview

Beginning to come together

Beginning to come together at the workshop


Preparing the site

Preparing the site

Firm foundations!

Firm foundations!








Installation day

Installation day

Finished article

Finished article


Bi-fold gate. Opens as a single gate, double gate, half width or full width.


Finished article from inside

Finished article from inside


Rose detail

Rose detail








From necessity and will the idea was conceived

but nature inspired it’s beautiful form.

With pencil on paper was the concept revealed,

in fire and heart the reality was borne.

With eye and with mind the work was formed

from iron by hand a work of art is born.

Finished article

Finished article


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4 Responses to New Opening

  1. What a wonderfully creative post…..from imagination birthed into the world. Beautiful….dare I ask how much it cost?

    • Apuldor says:

      Thank you,the project was a great opportunity in many respects. My Mother always taught me it was vulgar to talk about money, probably why I see so little of it! :-)

  2. Love the gate, love the post and love english country gardens cumbria!!! Sharing on facebook too.

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