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Cynara cardunculus ‘Violette Di Chioggia’

Cynara cardunculus ‘Violette Di Chioggia’ First heads on these globe artichokes grown from seed, sown last Spring, wonderful dark coloured heads against heavily serrated silvery foliage. Architectural and highly decorative. Too beautiful to ever eat! Globe Artichoke ‘Violette Di Chioggia’

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Single Late/Cottage type tulip: ‘Caravelle’

Single Late/Cottage type tulip: Tulipa ‘Caravelle’ Pleading for pollination but looking for all the world like a nest of hungry baby birds!

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Viola ‘Irish Maid’

Viola ‘Irish Maid’Simple yet elegant, compact and perfectly formed, she repays close attention. For me it reflects/depicts so much about wider nature. The wonderfully suffused subtle colours of a golden dawn to the purple violet haze of a dusk. Graduating to … Continue reading

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