Walking with the Old Dogs

Walking on the Fells at Ravenstonedale: Today
1. Forging ahead together!1   2. For a landscape that is on such a huge scale; an almost endless open space, 2 3. the detail that makes up the complex low lying vegetation matrix can be almost miniature, so easy to overlook. Milkwort, Tormentil, mosses, grasses, reeds etc. 3   4. Lousewort, 4 5. Heath Bedstraw 5 6. In the wetter flushes, Marsh Valerian,6 7. Cotton Grass 7 8. Cuckoo flower 8 9. Brooklime 9 10. Greater Spearwort 10 11. Water forget-me-not 11 12. While on the ungrazed lower reaches, Wood Cranesbill, 12 13. Ragged Robin and Buttercup. 13 14. Seen in the distance here, the buttercup – yellow hay meadows 14   15. at closer quarters are beginning to take on a bronzy – orange haze as the Sorrel grows taller so becoming more apparent. 15   16. Ready to turn round. 16 17. The highlight of the day happened too quickly to get a photo of; a beautiful male Black Grouse burst with a flurry of strong stiff wings from gorse scrub not 10 yards from us and dropped into a dip out of sight, a breathtaking moment!

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1 Response to Walking with the Old Dogs

  1. Wow, what an abundance a variety of flora and fauna….love the meadow shot looking back at the building….and live seeing the old dogs happy in the open hills :-)
    The Grouse moment sounds wonderful….and of course we can never capture these moments!

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