A Garden Door.

11263780_508791882602099_1783103105_nA Garden Door.

The pleasing shape of this doorway – dictated as it is by the elegant formal round arch, couples comfortably with the simplicity of the wooden door’s construction.These qualities are complemented so well by the plain clean-cut stonework surround within the substantial Cotswold stone wall.

Such an entrance must excite the inquisitiveness that resides in us all I’m sure! as well as satisfying our aesthetic hunger.
But is it the plants which make this scene complete and special? (to my eyes at least)
Ever questing beautiful Wistaria winds its way along the gutter doing its utmost to replicate the arching theme in short time. To eventually reach down and meet it’s equally sensually scented partner of mythical romantic rhyme – the Lavender. This shorter, fragrant stalwart of the English garden flanking the entrance, is in itself alone, so welcoming and inviting (unable to ramble via tendril as her collaborator does so well, she has  sown herself at the foot of the wall, picking her spot with perfect placement.)

So much to be appreciated in this view.

But most of all I admire the self-sown (slightly rebellious) Centranthus ruber snuggled tight against the pure white (quite staid) door. They look as though they enjoy each others company very much. A match made by chance, but a mutually beneficial association of sheer unexpected delight, so charming a story that they found one another. The door’s favoured companion plant ‘roots’ it into its allotted space – eases its practical, utilitarian personality perfectly into an engaging, mellow composition. Lovely.

Ian H.

Photo (and doorway) courtesy of Barbara Allen.

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